1. Is COD a mode of payment?
    Unfortunately, due to the low charges, it is not possible for us to provide COD services, we regret any inconvenience caused.

  2. Do I need consent if the Aadhar belongs to third person?
    Yes, consent of the holder is deemed necessary to ensure the privacy of your information and safety of the concerned person’s details.

  3. Does the cost of Rs.90/- cover shipping and taxes too?
    Shipping will be calculated based on your PIN Code and will be added at the end of your order process. The same is not included in the price quoted on the ho9me page, these are card printing charges.

  4. Is there any advantage to giving a bulk order?
    More the merrier, If you get up to 10 cards printed and shipped to the same address, it will reduce your per card shipping and give you the benefit of economies of scale.

  5. How many copies can be provided for one single Aadhar?
    There are no restrictions on number of PVC to be printed for a single Aadhar number, however customers are advised to take precautions and get only a reasonable number of PVC printed.

  6. Which address will the Aadhar be shipped to?
    Ideally, the shipping address will be the address provided in the Aadhar card, in case of change, further details will be required. The same is done to ensure the safety of you Aadhar, so please co-operate.

  7. How long would it take to ship the PVC to my address?
    The same may vary as per your region and area but an estimated 5-7 days will be required for the order to reach your residence. In the meantime, you can track its whereabouts on the site.

  8. Are you authorized to print PVC Aadhar?
    UID is the only authority in India, who is authorized to generate Aadhar number. Our job only pertains to printing the Aadhar card generated by UID on a more feasible material for more efficient usage. In order to do this, we did not seek any permission from UID, having said that we would like to add that, we adhere to a strict code of ethics and the information is treated with utmost secrecy to protect our customers.

  9. What is the validity of the PVC Aadhar?
    We would like to clarify that the Aadhar is a number generated by UID; the card is only a representation of the same. While most organizations would be more than happy to accommodate PVC, some might ask to verify it with the original. It advised to carry the original in case you are travelling outside the city.

  10. Is this website safe?
    We are very happy to tell you that our priority is the safety of your data, please feel comfortable while sharing the E-aadhar.

  11. Is scanned copy of my Aadhar card acceptable?
    It is not possible for us to use a scanned copy of your Aadhar Card, only PDF generated from UID aka E-Aadhar. Please visit- https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ However, we do accept, files generated from this portal earlier, you need not try to download it again.

  12. Why are the charges so low as compared to other website? Will the quality suffer?
    Aadhar is every citizen’s right and therefore we believe PVC should be too. The prices are kept under a reasonable price band to accommodate every sector of society. Rest assured, it does not in any way impact the quality of the print. Best quality equipments are used.